Students in leadership class or bodies will demonstrate...
    1. Knowledge of Self
    2. Ability to action plan and lead school improvement projects or campaigns
    3. Attitude of ownership of school and education
    4. Understanding of and ability to represent constituents
    5. Ability to participate in youth-adult decision-making

    School sites will...

    1. Have mechanisms to support student engagement in key school planning decisions
    2. Participate in district-wide student engagement efforts
    3. Facilitate student leader access to and relationship with decision makers
    4. Facilitate strong student leader to constituents, student body

    The District will...

    1. Support district-wide student engagement body
    2. Involve students in district level policy-making
    3. Involve a broad and diverse group of students in district-wide engagement body
    4. Support adults to lead processes and participate in youth-adult decision-making
    5. Support student school board representatives 
    6. Support site-based student engagement efforts