• Dress Code




    The faculty and administration of Skyline High School believe that appropriateness in attire has a positive influence on student work and that it enhances the learning environment for all involved. A dress code also emphasizes to students the societal expectation that personal grooming and appropriate dress reflect a person’s sense of purpose and seriousness toward their work and behavior. We realize that many factors can influence the choice of clothing. All members of the faculty, staff and administration are empowered to enforce all aspects of the dress code. When you come to school, this is your workplace. It is important that students dress in an acceptable manner that will not distract from the education experience of others. We are committed to maintaining a safe environment at our school.


    • Pants must be worn on the student’s waist at all times.
    • Underwear/undergarments should NOT be visible.
    • Short pants, skirts, and dresses must be no more than 2 inches above the knee.
    • Clothing that is not allowed: See-through clothing such as: leggings, fishnet fabrics, halter tops, off the shoulder, low cut tops and bare midriffs, Lingerie, pajama bottoms/tops, and bedroom/house slippers
    • Headgear (hats, caps, rags, scarves, nets, hoods, combs, etc) may not be worn inside the building. With the exception for religious and medical reasons.
    • Inappropriate symbols or language (indecent, obscene or lewd) on clothing, backpacks and accessories is PROHIBITED. Anything that displays and/or promotes drug use, alcohol use, cigarette use is prohibited.


    Dress Code Violations and Consequences


    Students in violation of the dress code will be referred to the office when they are inappropriately dressed. Parents/Guardians will be contacted so they may bring appropriate attire. They will be required to be in compliance immediately.

    The administration of Skyline High School reserves the right to make any and all judgments on matters not explicitly in this dress code, and reserves the right to amend this dress code, after giving due notice to students and parents/guardians, at any time. With this in mind, the school’s dress code establishes certain minimal standards of neatness and modesty.

    Any student who violates the dress code, at any time during the school day, will receive the following consequences:


    • First Violation - A warning, parent contact and the student will not be allowed to attend classes until the situation is rectified via a meeting with the Assistant Principal, or having the proper clothing delivered to school by a parent/guardian.
    • Second Violation- The student will be sent home for that day and is responsible for any work missed.