• Making, Designing, and Innovating is an interactive elective where students are willing to take a risks, think outside of the box, and grapple with real life problems in our community and world.  Our students are passionate, curious and like to experiment. 

    In this class, students are creators and producers rather than just consumers of knowledge and things. Beyond the classroom, these experiences shape students to understand their own agency in creating solutions and innovations, whether they be in technical or social contexts.  
    • Students will strengthen their problem solving skills, their mathematical and scientific thinking, and apply the math and science concepts in real meaningful ways.   
    • Students will be introduced to programming in an interactive and engaging way with MIT-developed Scratch, and Makey Makeys Invention kits. They can make a cardboard instruments (pianos, drums, brass instruments, etc) play upon touch, design their own video games and controllers, or they can create interactive touch-activated art pieces.  In the design and creation of projects, students to define their own problems and creatively generate solutions.  
    • Students will make personal websites and blogs and contribute to the school's student website.  They will learn, in a hands-on and engaging ways, about circuits as well as engaging in logical reasoning and problem solving. And they will have an opportunity to use our cutting edge 3-D printer to bring their imagined designs to life.