TUPE is an assets based youth development program and it’s mission is to engage students away  from the abuse and addiction of tobacco, alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs by instilling the beliefs and skills of self advocacy towards capitalization on their educational experience at OUSD. The TUPE program works to increase attendance and graduation rates while lowering rate of suspension and expulsion and to foster positive school climates in direct support of the  goal of eliminating racially disproportionate discipline practices.



    Presentation on TUPE Program, Behavioral Health Department


    How: The TUPE program’s Tier 1 prevention strategies of teacher taught and peer to peer taught prevention lessons, teach science-based prevention and social-emotional skill building capacities. TUPE’s Tier 2 Intervention strategies are founded in Coordination of Service Team (COST) partnership, health empowerment stemming from life skills coaching, strengths building, and career exploration to build a positive self concept and direct energies towards life, academic and career success. 

    TUPE's Role in Academic Achievement Support:
    • Behavioral Coaching combined with Health Education
    • Student Life Skills coaching to connect academics with vocational goals
    • Peer to Peer Leadership for classrooms, life skills coaching, and policy change
    • Professional Development to support teacher engagement with at-risk youth
    • Parent workshops and parent coaching for families with at-risk students
    • Administering the Cal-SCHLS Healthy Student Surveys for Staff, Parents, and Students (CHKS)
    For more information on Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Prevention and Intervention, or to refer a student:

    Robert Dousa, Behavioral Health Education Program Manager

    1000 Broadway  Suite 150

    Oakland, CA 94670

    Email: robert.dousa@ousd.org

    Phone: (925) 321-0818  


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    Additional Information:

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                                                                                                                       OUSD TUPE 2017-18 Annual Report
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