• 2013-2014 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning

      (LGBTQ) Tool Kit


    The Oakland Unified School District LGBTQ Tool Kit is a resource for teachers, staff and district employees to support on-going efforts to create more welcoming and safer schools.


     Click on the headings listed below to access that section of the OUSD LGBTQ Tool Kit.

       1.      Policies  [Policies]

       a. OUSD Policies 
       b. State Assembly Bills
    2.      Creating Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning Inclusive Schools [Inclusive Schools]
       a.  Things to Remember
       b.  What Every Teacher Should Know
       c.  Addressing Anti-Gay Slurs
       d.  Tips to Make your Classroom LGBTQ Inclusive
       e.  Supporting a Student Who Comes Out to You
       f.  Frequently Asked Questions


     3.      Gay-Straight Alliance Information [GSA]

       a.  Gay-Straight Alliance 101
       b.  Tips to Start a GSA (a student guide)
       c.  How to be an Awesome Advisor   
       d.  Promoting Your GSA’s Goals and Mission (a student guide)
       e.  Strategies to Build Diverse/Multicultural GSAs


    4.      Transgender and Gender Variant Information [Transgender]

       a.  Transgender 101
       b.  Implementing CA Law Prohibiting Gender-Based Discrimination
       c.  Checklist to Support Transgender or Gender Variant Student
       d.  Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Gender Diversity
       e.  Supporting a Transgender Child (a guide for families and caring adults)
       f.  Transgender Resources: Book List and Local Organizations


      5.      Classroom Resources: Activities, Lessons & Vocabulary [Lessons & Vocab.]

       a.  Social Emotional Learning Standards
       b.  High & Middle School Classroom Resources (links to lessons & activities)   
       c.  Elementary Classroom Resources (links to lessons & activities)
       d.  LGBTQ Themed Book List
       e.  Teaching LGBTQ Vocabulary
       f.  Activities to Introduce New Vocabulary
       g.  Vocabulary List


      6.      Creating Safer Schools – Anti-Bullying Information [Anti-Bullying]

       a.  Data on School Safety
       b.  OUSD Strategies to Respond to and Prevent Bullying
       c.  Prevention, Intervention and Protection (PIP) School Strategies
       c.  The Roles of Bullying (Perpetrator, Target, Bystander)
       d.  The Bystander’s Role in Reducing Bullying


      7.      Oakland Unified School District and Community Resources [Resources]

       a.  Crisis Lines
       b.  LGBTQ Bay Area Community Resources
       c.  LGBTQ Online Resources
       d.  Safety Resources Available on School Sites
       e.  OUSD Directory of School Safety Programs 



Last Modified on November 19, 2013