Arroyo Viejo Child Development Center    
                     An OUSD CHPS Project                
     Classroom with Daylighting
     Natural Daylighting in Classroom at  Arroyo Viejo CDC. Photo Credit: Kris Knutson
    • The recently completed renovation of the Arroyo Viejo Child Development Center, by Dougherty and Dougherty Architects, creates colorful, upgraded permanent pre-school classrooms, administrative areas, kitchen, edible garden planter boxes, and new play areas for the Arroyo Viejo neighborhood. It targeted over 30 high performance school credits, using the CHPS Designed (self-certified) program criteria as design guidance. 
    •   The Arroyo Viejo Child Development Center rethinks an existing 1960s building by reconnecting the building with its environment.  Butterfly roofs and large windows open the classrooms up to the play area and provide balanced daylight.  Interior spaces are daylit with Solatubes

    •  This daylight system is integrated with anelectric lighting system that includes a light sensor and occupancy sensor enabled Finelite Integrated Classroom Lighting System to provide for ultimate teacher control and energy efficiency. Operable windows and energy efficient furnaces provide simple and efficient customizable temperature controls. The water efficient site landscaping includes a school garden prominently displayed at campus parking lot frontage.

     Arroyo Viejo CDC Classroom with Sunshading, Play yard & School Garden. Photo Credit: Kris Knutson
     Inviting Entrance
    Inviting Entrance to new  Arroyo Viejo CDC.  Photo Credit: Kris Knutson

    In addition to operational cost savings, the combination of natural daylighting in the classrooms and improved indoor environmental quality from low emitting materials supports the health of both staff and children. The OUSD CHPS project targeted just under 40 CHPS points and, while not certified as 'CHPS Verified,' was designed to be 'CHPS Designed' compliant.

     CHPS Features
     CHPS sustainable design features at the Arroyo Viejo CDC include:
    • Natural daylighting of the classrooms
    • Low energy strategies: energy efficient heating; lighting with photosensor controls
    • Recycled content and rapidly renewable materials
    • Low VOC paints, sealants, and finish materials
    • Edible school garden in raised beds
    • Water efficient irrigation system