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     About emPower                                                           
    The emPower Program is an OUSD Facilities Division energy efficiency initiative that couples occupant behavior changes and district operational best practices. The emPower goal of 10% energy savings is achieved through facilities and rewarding energy conserving behaviors, such as turning off lights and monitors, and district actions, such as optimizing heating control schedules and a Green IT Program. These efforts will save money on utilities, engage students and staff, and reduce our carbon footprint. 
     Why Energy Conservation?                                          
    The emPower program aligns with the guiding principal of sustainability throughout our Strategic Plan, Facilities Master Plan, District Policies on High Performance Schools, and District's Energy and Water Plan. Energy conservation is important to reduce our impact on the environment. Electricity costs have risen dramatically over the past years, and continue to increase at a rapid rate, making cost savings even more pressing. OUSD is now able to invest in energy efficiency measures through Proposition 39 funding, which means this is a crucial time to increase the effectiveness of upgrades through occupant education and awareness. 
     What is the OUSD emPower Energy Challenge?        

    ·         emPower Energy Initiative’s core, behavior-based energy conservation program

    ·         A friendly “peer competition” where schools strive to save the most electricity measured against their own baseline

    ·         Opportunity to learn about energy and climate though student and staff engagement

    ·         Ongoing transparent data to see leader in the Challenge each month 

    ·         Access to OUSD emPower team resources (online and through supporting partners)

    ·         On-the-ground support with District recognition and rewards


    To enroll your school or for more information, contact: emPower@ousd.k12.ca.us