• jupitergrades   Click here to access jupitergrades.

    Need access to jupitergrades? Any of your students’ teachers who are actively using jupitergrades can provide you or your student with a login ID and password to access information on the website. Many Montera teachers post assignments and grades for all students, but remember: It is not always real time. Grades may or may not be representative of your student’s current marks in class.

    Students and parents may log in anytime to check grades and homework. Everyone has their own password, so no one else can see their grades, and they need only one log in to check all their classes.  Students and parents log in using the Student ID number or they can simply use the student’s full name.  Random passwords are generated for each new student and parent/contact. The first time they log in, they are prompted to choose their own password and enter their contact info. (Passwords are not reset each year, so they can continue using the same password.)