• Instructions on Resetting Your OUSD Email/Computer Password


    Before you begin, take a moment to have some fun and roll these virtual dice to choose a new password for your OUSD account. (Or if you have a favorite phrase, use it instead.). You don’t need capitals, numbers or special characters, just 12 characters of your choice.  Make it something easy to type on your computer and mobile devices


    1. Go to your account and log in with your current username and password.  Choose Change Password to give yourself a new password.  


    As an added bonus, you will be asked to enroll in our new password reset portal so you can recover a forgotten password at any time. Provide at least one alternative method to reach you should you forget your password, if it expires over a school break or you need to change it in a hurry. Click Set it up now link and follow the onscreen instructions.


    1. After this initial registration, you can always make changes to your information by going to Security info, and clicking on Update Info. Add a cell phone or email address where you can easily receive a code. 


    2. Once you add these communication methods, you can reset a forgotten password at any time by returning to this site and choosing Forgot my password. Bookmark it in Chrome for quick access.


    If you don't know your old password:

    1. Telephone the Help Desk at (510) 879-8178 to have them reset your password.  Leaving a message will open a ticket and our helpdesk will call you back.
    2. Email helpdesk@ousd.org from a personal account.


    Please make sure to give us your phone number or personal email address if you cannot log into your account and need assistance.