• Instructions on Resetting Your OUSD Email/Computer Password


    Resetting your passwork can be accomplished from any device with a web browser - Windows, Mac, Chromebook, iPad, mobile devices, etc.

    1. To reset your password navigate to https://remote.ousd.org.
    2. Login using your old password.
    3. Click on the profile icon in the upper right corner, and then Change Password.
    4. Your password must be a minimum of 12 characters, numbers and special characters are not required.
      • Try to use a phrase that is easy to remember but not something another person could easily guess.
        • Examples of Good Passwords:
          • Two or three random words - A fun way to do this is to use use the Dice password generator.
          • Choose a phrase - ilovemyhouse or I love my house.
        •  Never use your employee ID number or other information that can be easily found.
      • Changing your password will change the password for other applications used in the district, email, Intranet, your computer login, Google, Adobe, Office365, etc.


    If you don't know your old password:

    1. Telephone the Help Desk at (510) 879-8178 to have them reset your password.  Leaving a message will open a ticket and our helpdesk will call you back.
    2. Email helpdesk@ousd.org from a personal account.


    Please make sure to give us your phone number or personal email address if you cannot log into your account and need assistance.

Last Modified on June 19, 2020