• Instructions on Resetting Your OUSD Email/Computer Password on your OUSD Windows Computer at Work.

    Domain Users– People (most common administrative users) who log into their Windows computer using their OUSD email username and password at work.

    1. To reset your password press the Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys on your keyboard.
    2. Select the change password link and follow the directions to change your password.
    3. Your password must be a minimum of 6 letter, numbers or special characters.
      • Try to use a phrase that is easy to remember but not something another person could easily guess.
        • Examples of Bad Passwords:
          • Your first or last name,
          • your address,
          • your employee ID, etc.
      • Use a mixture of letters,numbers or special characters where possible, examples: th0mas2013, ic@ntwa1t, etc.
      • Changing your password will change the password for other applications, email, IFAS, Intranet, your computer login, etc
    4. Restart your computer after resetting your password.

    Instructions on Resetting Your OUSD Email/District Password on a Non-Domain Windows computers, Mac Computers, and Mobile Devices.

    Non-Domain Users – People that log in with Teacher,Student or other non-domain passwords at a school site or who are logging in from home, Starbucks, etc.on a Windows computer, Apple computer, or on mobile devices.

    1. Telephone the Help Desk at 879-8178 to have them reset your password.
Last Modified on February 26, 2014