• Tutoring by Experience Corps
    Emerson's students receive one-on-one tutoring in reading from Experience Corps. The Experience Corp volunteers are men and women over the age of 55 who receive ongoing training and support to work in Oakland schools. 
    The Oakland branch of Experience Corps started in 2005 and Emerson was lucky to be part of their pilot program. Experience Crop is a non-profit dedicated to academic tutoring and mentoring via targeted intervention.
    Chapter 510
    In the Spring of 2018, Chapter 510 reached out to Emerson and invited our students to their unique story creation space in Uptown Oakland. Many of our classes we able to participate in this exciting program and create collaborative books. Each book was transcribed and illustrated on site and students received individual copies where they could write their own conclusion and draw their own illustrations. Chapter 510 shares a vision for Oakland as a place where our youth and their perspectives are visible and our teachers are honored and supported. They are a volunteer-powered organization that recognizes young people’s ability to communicate powerfully through words and print.
Last Modified on July 12, 2018