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    Data and Research Requests

    Applications to Conduct Research in OUSD


    Oakland Unified School District is currently not accepting applications to conduct research, with the following exceptions.


    The District continues to accept the following research applications:

    1.      renewal applications for previously approved studies

    2.      applications from current OUSD employees who wish to conduct research in OUSD as a part of their postgraduate studies

    3.      applications from OUSD partner organizations for evaluation studies of programs conducted in OUSD schools


    As research applications may take up to 6 weeks to be reviewed, please plan ahead and submit your application well in advance of the projected start date of your project. The blank OUSD research application form may be downloaded from HERE. Email the completed application to Jean Wing at jean.wing@ousd.org.

    In some cases, OUSD schools or departments wish to partner with external researchers to collaboratively design studies that are aligned with our Strategic Plan and provide direct and immediate benefit to the district. In such situations, the sponsoring OUSD employee should contact the Research and Evaluation division of the Department of Research, Assessment and Data (RAD). Please email Jean Wing at jean.wing@ousd.org for information on how to proceed.


    Data Requests


    Demographic and Performance Data on California’s schools and districts can be found on the California Department of Education Dataquest website:  http://data1.cde.ca.gov/dataquest/.  Please note that some OUSD district level data (e.g. enrollment and graduation data) may include charter school information.


    Requests for Existing Data

    For data not available on Dataquest, requests may be made to the Department of Research, Assessment and Data (RAD) for existing data, as follows.

    ·         Internal Data Requests.  If you are an employee of OUSD, you may request data needed to perform your job duties.  Use the online request form available on the Data Team website HERE.

    ·         External Data Requests.  For data-only requests (you will not be conducting research), complete and submit Part 2 of the Application to Conduct Research in OUSD.  Depending on the magnitude and complexity of the data request, it may take up to two months to fulfill a data request.  Please plan ahead and submit your request well in advance. The OUSD Application Form may be downloaded HERE.  Email the completed form to Kevin Smith, at kevin.smith@ousd.org



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