Hoover kindergarteners at recess  


    Welcome to Hoover!

    School is closed until April 6th due to the Coronavirus. All children under the age of 18, are welcome to come to Hoover on Monday from 8:00AM until Noon to pick up 3 days' worth of breakfast and lunch. On Thursday, you may pick up 2 days'. The Hoover garden will be open on Thursday from 8am until noon for families to harvest fruits, vegetables and herbs.


    The Oakland Tech Exchange (OTX) is giving out free devices and has deals for internet access for familes. You can go to 2530 International Blvd, between 10am and 5pm Monday through Saturday. FILL OUT THE PRE-REGISTRATION FORM HERE



    Here is our mission and values that guide us each day as a community.  

    Our Mission

    We will:

    1. Foster strong relationships between families and teachers to instill agency and the Hoover values in our students

    2. Prepare students and families for 21st century college and career readiness

    3. Promote healthy lifestyles through nutrition and garden education


    Our Vision

    Hoover STEAM Academy is a 21st century K-5 school that develops independent thinkers and lifelong learners who have the skills and mindset to graduate from college and make a positive impact on their community. 


    Our Core Values

    Students at Hoover learn our core values and are awarded for enacting them with Core Value Cards. 

    Our Core Values are:






Last Modified on March 15, 2020