• ICS students are bilingual, biliterate, culturally competent, and academically successful.  They have the linguistic, social emotional, and critical thinking skills to build alliances within and beyond our community and work to create an equitable and just world.




    Our mission for the 2019-2020 school-year is to foster a caring school community in order to ensure that our students have the content knowledge and social emotional skills to have complex academic conversations. Their oral language will lead to writing clear and well-organized opinion pieces, citing evidence to support their opinions. We focus on academic discourse as it leads to writing with evidence; our students explain their thinking about what they are reading and math problems they attempt to solve. We provide opportunities to use vocabulary through integrating art lessons and projects with the FOSS science units. We see evidence of student learning in classrooms and common areas.


  • Our Focus:



    Core Values

    *Be Safe
    *Be Respectful
    *Be Responsible