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    TUPE Intro Video




    TUPE ATOD Program Mission and Vision
     Mission- to engage students away  from the abuse and addiction of tobacco, alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs by instilling the beliefs and skills of self advocacy towards capitalization on their educational experience at OUSD.
    Vision- All students and staff are thriving in a community of inclusion, self care, and determination towards a career formed out of their strengths and passions.


    TUPE Program Theory of Change:
    Tier I - Relations, Side Effects Knowledge, and Decision Making Skills
    Tier II - Strengths-Based, Life Skills Coaching to Build a Positive Self Concept
    Important Topics 2017-18: Black Lives/Black Lungs
    Black Lives Black Lungs
    Documentary by Lincoln Mondy
    Educational Tool Samples
                                 E-Cigarettes PPT                                                                    Cannibus brain                                
                                        Full Flavored Marketing                                                                                       Debate Weed Impact on Brain                      
                                                                                           Brain addiction
                                                                                        Brain & Addiction presentation
                                    Marijuana Education                                                          Staff Workshop
                                   Marijuana Classroom Presentation                                                               Staff School Site Drug Policy Education

    * Programs are offered daily during school days and as part of some after school programs and provide activity-based counseling and prevention services that align with Thriving Schools/Thriving Students goals to support student attendance, good discipline, and academic improvement. Program is offered to all OUSD students grades 6-12. 
    Funded by Prop 99 tax on cigarette packs as coordinated by the CA Department of Education   
Last Modified on November 13, 2017