Stay tuned for information about the 2020-2021 JM Auction!


    39th annual auction



    What is the Joaquin Miller Fall Auction?

    The fall auction is our biggest fundraiser of the year. It consists of an online auction (watch for it end of October) and the JM Jubilee (super fun party on Nov 2) where you can bid on fun parties, events, wine and more. Last year the auction raised a record amount of money and we are hoping to repeat that this year. The JM PTA currently pays for our Vocal Music, Physical Activity, Library and Computer programs, along with tutoring, and classroom aides. A good share of the PTA funds come from (drum-roll)… proceeds from the Auction!


    Why should I go?

    To build community

    We are all in this together: to help our kids learn and grow in the best possible way. Beyond raising money and volunteering our time, this gives us an opportunity to get to know each other, so that our kids (and we!) can feel like part of a larger, supportive community while we’re at JM. Coming together at events like the Auction is a big part of what makes this happen.

    To have FUN!

    The Auction is always a good time – ask anybody! The auction items themselves are truly fabulous, the mood – festive, libations – flowing, the food – fantastic. Not to mention that we have the party aspect taken care of with a “JM Jubilee” theme with music and dancing, games, and a photo booth! You do not want to miss this.


    To help raise money for Joaquin Miller, of course.

    Joaquin Miller provides a wonderfully rich public education in a stimulating and supportive environment like no other. A great deal of what makes JM so fantastic is not paid for by the state, however. Every year, budget cuts dictate that fundraising has to make up for a larger and larger shortfall. 


    What exactly happens at the auction?

    At the gala, you will check in, get your bidder number, mingle, grab a drink or snack and start bidding on items on the Silent Auction tables. There will be a great selection of parties & events along with class projects and a great selection of wine. Then, we'll head to the live auction for more great opportunities and items to bid on. What kind of stuff? Game tickets for your favorite teams, exotic trips, fabulous dinners and more.


    And don’t forget to check out the online auction starting Oct 13th. You’ll find a variety of terrific things to bid on from gift cards to your favorite restaurants and shops around town to summer camps and spots for some of our most popular auction parties. 


    How else can I get involved?

    So glad you asked! The auction can always use more volunteers to plan, solicit, and work hard to make it the best auction possible. So if you want to get involved or have a great lead on donations, please join us! We need people leading up to the auction, preparing the day of the auction and of course during the auction. And, we are always looking for donations and people to host parties. 



    For more information, please visit https://www.joaquinmillerauction.com/