• Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) Nutrition Services provides meal service through the National School Lunch Program for 83 K-12 schools, 20 District run Child Development Centers and ten charter schools in Oakland and Hayward. 

    We offer lunch at all schools, breakfast at 75 schools, after school snack at 73 schools and a pilot supper program to students enrolled in the after school programs at 12 schools. 

    Overall we serve approximately 7,500 breakfasts, 20,000 lunches, 10,00 snacks and 500 suppers each day. 

    Nutrition Services has approximately 300 employees providing services to the students and staff at 90 cafeterias (one cafeteria can provide service to two to four schools).  We work to ensure that all of our children develop healthy lifestyles that allow them to focus on academic achievement.