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    African American Female Excellence is working to create a highly visible and proactive collaborative to accelerate academic achievement among African American girls and young women in OUSD, and to address the disparities in educational and social outcomes for African American girls and young women from preschool through high school.

    The initiative will work with a core Advisory Group and team of thought partners to develop strategies, structures and guidance regarding how to improve the culture, climate and conditions of female students of African descent from preschool through 12th grade. The advisory group—OUSD Collaborative for the Achievement of African American Girls and Young Women (OUSD Collaborative for African American Girls)—will develop interagency linkages, inter-departmental recommendations, models, best practices, and feedback loops to ensure that all parts of the organization are moving together to interrupt intersectional bias against African American girls. Lead, supervise and support an alignment of the OUSD Collaborative for African American Girls Achievement with the District strategic plan and equity policy.
    We are currently accepting applications for our Girls Student Leadership Council
    We are building a Girls Student Leadership Council consisting of girls from 4th-7th grade that will teach them about the significance and importance of being a leader in their community. Our leadership council will focus on showing girls how to share responsibility, accountability, and how to take care of and help others. Being a part of the Girls Student Leadership Council means working together to build community and improve school and social environments through sisterhood. ​

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    Nzingha S. Dugas, Director
    African American Female Excellence
    Oakland Unified School District
    Office of Equity
    1000 Broadway, Suite 398
    Oakland, CA 94607
    Phone: 510.879.8726

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  • African American Female Excellence is a targeted initiative of the Oakland Unified School District's Office of Equity.
    To learn more about the Office of Equity and other targeted initiatives, visit www.ousd.org/equity.
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