• Health Science and Medical Technology Pathway Pa

    The standards in this sector represent the academic and technical skills and knowledge students need to pursue a full range of career opportunities in health science and medical technology, from entry level to management as well as technical and professional career specialties. The standards describe what workers need to know and be able to do to contribute to the delivery of safe and effective health care.

    The six career pathways are grouped into functions that have a common purpose and require similar attributes. The pathways are Biotechnology, Patient Care, Health Care Administrative Services, Health Care Operational Support Services, Public and Community Health, and Mental and Behavioral Health. Standards for each career path build on and continue the anchor standards with more complexity, rigor, and career specificity.

  • Sample Careers

    • Forensic Pathologist
    • Dental Hygienist
    • Medical Illustrator
    • Clinical Data Specialist
    • Hospital Management Engineer
    • Community Health Worker
    • Psychologist
    • Outreach Coordinator
Students at medical conference developing their CPR skills