• Breakfast After the Bell

    To help our students start the day out right, all Emerson students receive free breakfast in their classroom after the morning bell. 


    School Lunches

    All Emerson students may receive free school lunch. Hot lunches come from a central OUSD location, and a menu is posted each month outside the school office and is also available at www.ousd.k12.ca.us/Page/10300.  


    Lunches from Home

    To support our efforts at being environmentally responsible, please use a clearly labeled reusable lunch box and include the appropriate silverware as needed. We also encourage reusable food containers instead of plastic bags.  Please note that we are not able to heat up children’s food. Finally, students need to be able to access as much of their lunch as possible without requiring an adult’s assistance (i.e. orange slices instead of a whole orange, food containers they can open easily, etc.). We encourage caregivers to pack healthy choices for their students. Candy, soda and hot chips are not allowed.

Last Modified on July 21, 2018