• Academic Curriculum

    Along with our peer schools in OUSD, Emerson has adopted the Common Core Standards covering English and language arts, mathematics, history and social science, and science. For reading and writing we use the Lucy Calkins workshops. For Math, we use the OUSD approved Expressions curriculum. Science is a combination of FOSS and Next Generation Science Standards.


    All of our courses focus on collaborative learning, inquiry, problem solving and critical thinking. Within this framework, our teachers create their own curricula, often team-teaching with grade-level partners and creating innovative learning plans.


    Socio-Emotional Learning

    Social and emotional learning (SEL) is a process through which children and adults develop the fundamental skills for life effectiveness. These are the skills we all need to handle ourselves, our relationships, and our work effectively and ethically. Everyone strengthens their social competencies to connect across race, class, culture, language gender, sexual orientation, and age. At Emerson, we recognize that students need to feel safe, mirrored, and valued in order to be able to engage in the work we expect from them.


    To meet our socio-emotional learning goals, all classrooms use tools from the Caring Schools Community Curriculum.


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