• Health & Wellness


    Welcome! The goals of OUSD Health & Wellness are as follows:


    1. ALL schools are healthy environments.
    2. ALL students, families and staff are physically and emotionally healthy.
    3. ALL students are in school and ready to learn.
    4. ALL students, families and staff are engaged in improving individual and community health.
    5. ALL students are ready for college, career and community.


    We address these goals through the programs below. For more info, view our H&W wheel infographic.


    Health Access 


    Central Family Resource Center


    The CFRC provides CalFresh & insurance enrollment assistance; other programs are also available.


    School-Based Health Centers


    SBHCs provide a wide range of health services; for behavioral health providers click here.


    School Nurses


    OUSD's school nurses collaborate with primary care providers to provide students on-site services.


    Shoo the Flu


    In October, OUSD elementary schools provide free flu shots to students and staff.


    Health Resources


    Find information, requirements, forms, and other health-related resources.





    Healthy Environment 


    School Wellness


    Learn how we support programs such as school Wellness Champions, and OUSD's overall Wellness Policy.


    Behavioral Health Unit


    Supporting positive behavior, crisis intervention, consultation, and professional development for staff.


    Restorative Justice


    RJ builds community, responds to conflict, and provides a welcoming re-entry for returning students.


    LGBTQ Programs


    Educational and community building programming towards a health environment for LGBTQ students.


    Nutrition Services


    OUSD's nutrition services aims to ensure that all students have access to healthy meals.



    Health Education 


    Nutrition Education


    We provide monthly taste tests, cooking demonstrations, and other nutrition education lessons.


    Garden Education


    The garden education program provides students hands-on access to nature and food systems.


    Drug & Alcohol Education


    TUPE engages students away from drug abuse and addiction through beliefs and skills of self-advocacy.


    Physical Education


    Our PE program develops good health, fundamental motor skills, and students' self-confidence.

    Growth & Development


    Education, access to sexual health services, and other programs and services are provided free of charge.


  • 2016-17 OUSD Health Guide: English  |  Spanish  |  Chinese  |  Vietnamese


    Our 2016-17 OUSD Health Guide is now available! Find contact info; learn about health care, medication, food and nutrition, and more. The guide has been translated into four language; click one to view/download.