Local Control and Accountability Plan

  • The LCAP Parent and Student Advisory Committee (PSAC) is the voice for families from all of OUSD schools.  


    Parent members of School Site Councils (SSCs) and Site English Language Learner Subcommittees (SELLS) nominate and elect who will represent their schools on PSAC. 


    The members of PSAC advise the School Board, the Superintendent, and other district leaders on the actions and investments that should be included in our Local Control and Accountability Plan or LCAP. They also make sure that those actions and investments are implemented and that they are effective. The LCAP is the plan that brings together all that we are doing as a district to meet our goals for students.


    PSAC is a representative body. 60% of the schools in each electoral district of OUSD must have an SSC or SELLS parent member* present at the summit for the elections to even take place.  


    PSAC brings together school site committee leaders, and the entire OUSD community, at its monthly meetings.  Join PSAC as a member, as a school representative, or as a meeting attendee to make sure that decisions about our investments meet the needs of all students and families. 


    *Student members of PSAC are elected through All City Council, the voice for all OUSD students.


    Upcoming Meetings and Engagements  


    Special Study Session: Staffing of Paraprofessional and Instructional Support Specialists Sponsored by the Community Advisory Committee for Special Education (CAC)     Monday, March 13 at 6:00 pm


    PSAC Listening Session for Members of School Site Councils and Site English Language Learner Subcommittees: Focus on Budget Development for 2023-23     Wednesday, March 15 at 5:30 pm


    Meeting of the District English Language Learners Subcommittee: Review of Proposed Investments to Support the Needs of English Language Learner students in 2023-24     Thursday, March 23 at 6:00 pm  


    For more details, go to ousd.org/events. 


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