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  • Process Overview


    Partnerships with community-based organizations and individuals are key to our Community Schools vision. Thank you for your interest in supporting OUSD schools!



    OUSD is connecting with all community partners at the district level through our Annual Partnership Process (white paper).  We hope to increase communication and alignment with our community partners, and uplift the outcomes of community schools. Prior to entering schools, the OUSD Board of Education requires the following items, in accordance with the California Education Code. Once the requirements are completed, eligible providers are added to our Approved Community Partners List.


    Who is subject to the Partnership Process?


    • All Current Site-Based Community Partners of OUSD. This means all non-district academic enrichment service providers that are entering schools and/or working in the proximity of students during the current school year and/or summer.


      • Includes After-school/Summer Lead Agency Subcontractors entering OUSD schools under lead agencies.


    Who is not subject to the Partnership Process?


    • External Community Partners that do not enter OUSD schools or work in the proximity of OUSD students.


    • Volunteers (individuals) that are not working on behalf of an outside organization should register as volunteers with the Oakland Ed Fund. They are not subject to the Partnership Process.


    Process Steps


    Beforehand: Service Provider is Selected


    1. After school or central office department selects provider to commence programs or services, school or department staff should send email introduction to Martin.Young@ousd.org (Cc: contact person), including the following information:
    • Confirmation of partnership
    • Name of service provider
    • Provider contact information
    1. Service provider is added to Pending Approval List. Schools and departments can monitor list for status of provider's deliverables. Community partner is cleared to begin steps A & B.

    Step A: Verify or Create Contract


    1. Contact OUSD Partnerships at Martin.Young@ousd.org to verify existing board-approved contract (MOU or Professional Services Contract (PSC) submitted to Board of Education).


    2. Download and complete No-Cost MOU Template (In-Kind MOU where no money is exchanged) or Professional Services Contract is created by school(s); prepare required documents.  Three-year No-Cost MOU duration preferred.

      Required Documents (see FAQs below for descriptions):

      1. Certificate of Insurance
      2. Insurance Policy Endorsement
      3. Clearance Letter(s) (TB and Fingerprinting)

    Step B: Register/Update Community Partner Database


    1. Returning users: Please log-in and update. Your username is your email. Password reset is available. Help is available here.

    2. New users: Once your board-approved contract is verified, new users will receive instructions.

    3. Email us after you save and verify your org info, program info and schools so that we can update the Pending Approval List.  Once your contract is confirmed, you’re done!

    For more information, read the FAQs below, or contact Martin.Young@ousd.org.


    FAQs for Process Steps


    Q1: How do I know if I have a valid board-approved contract?

    Visit Legistar. Enter organization's name (case sensitive) in search field and search "All Years" for prior agreements by "Agreement or Contract" or "All Types". If none exist, you do not have a current formal agreement with OUSD.

    Review dates. Determine whether or not agreement covers the current school year. If not, you do not have a current formal agreement with OUSD. If unsure about your status, email Martin.Young@ousd.org, to discuss your contract status.

    Q2: When is the MOU required?

    When non-district academic enrichment service providers are entering OUSD schools or working in the proximity of students during the current school year (including summer) and do not have a valid board approved agreement (Professional Services Contract or MOU) with OUSD.

    Q3: What are my options regarding the dates and period of agreement?

    Three-year No-Cost MOU duration preferred.

    Q4: How do I submit the MOU?

    Please email completed documents to Martin.Young@ousd.org.

    Q5: What are the requirements for the Certificate of Insurance & Endorsement?

    Contractor (Individual):
    General Liability Insurance ($1 Million in coverage)

    Contractor (Org w/ employees):
    General Liability ($1 Million in coverage)
    Worker’s Compensation Liability Insurance ($1 Million in coverage)
    Oakland Unified School District must be listed as secondary insured.

    Additional Insured must read:
    Oakland Unified School District
    Attention: Risk Management
    1000 Broadway Suite 450
    Oakland, CA 94607


    Additional Insured Endorsement:
    Please submit a copy of the policy change notice after the insurance company processes the Additional Insured endorsement. Alternatively, if your policy carries automatic coverage, your insurance representative should provide a copy of the Additional Insured Endorsement policy language.

    Q6: What is the Clearance Letter?

    a. Agency Clearance Letter, if your agency is registered with CA DOJ with your own ORI# to use CA Live Scan and receive subsequent arrest notifications; if your agency is not registered with CA DOJ, see instructions below to register with Be A Mentor
    Agency Clearance Letter: A signed statement on official letterhead verifying that all program personnel entering schools and/or interacting with students are screened for TB and their fingerprints are cleared by CA DOJ and FBI through CA Live Scan with subsequent arrest notifications.  Please include names of representatives and ATI numbers.  Must be signed by someone authorized to sign documents on behalf of organization. ATI transaction numbers are provided by CA DOJ or Be A Mentor. *please include underlined language
    b. Be A Mentor Clearance Letter(s), independent contractors, agency not registered with CA DOJ to receive subsequent arrest notifications
    Clearance through Be A Mentor is required for independent contractors or if your agency is not receiving subsequent arrest notifications from CA DOJ.  Each representative must register at http://beamentor.org/OUSDPartner or contact Be A Mentor at help@beamentor.org or (510) 795-6488 ext. 0 with questions.  There is a one-time registration fee of $25 per person, and clearance information will remain in the system during future years.  BAM will provide the Live Scan form and instructions to upload valid TB test results.  When each person is cleared, BAM will send a clearance email including the ATI transaction numbers that need to be provided on the Agency Clearance Letter.  Service providers should provide a copy of the Clearance Letter to OUSD and keep a copy on file in the event of a claim, lawsuit or audit.

    Q7: What is MOU Exhibit "A" Scope of Work?

    Summary of services provided and expected outcomes.  A few paragraphs are sufficient if warranted.


    Q8: What is MOU Exhibit "B" Statement of Qualifications?

    Description of organization and relevant experience (for individual consultants, a resume is sufficient).  A few paragraphs are satisfactory if warranted.