At Edna Brewer, we provide students with a nurturing and enriching social, emotional and academic environment. We are deeply committed to academic excellence for ALL of our students. At Edna Brewer, we make sure to know our students’ strengtHigh School, areas for improvement and what motivates them. To help us know all of our students, we have arranged our school into small learning communities called ‘families.’ Each ‘family’ is a small group of teachers who share a group of students. Each teacher’ s ‘family’ collaborates around curriculum, the needs of students, and parent engagement activities. Each grade is housed together to create a small-school atmosphere. We offer enrichment activities as well as tutoring and assistance with homework through various after-school and Saturday school programs. Edna Brewer is proud of the cultural diversity represented by our students, staff and community. We enthusiastically welcome all parents to support the Edna Brewer community.