• The College Preparatory and Architecture Academy (CPAA) was established in 2003, as part of the Small School movement in Oakland.  As part of the larger John C. Fremont High School, CPAA was known simply as the Architecture Academy and for years, was responsible of graduating students ready to tackle a rigorous college course load at  campuses such as San Luis Obispo's Cal Poly, Dartmouth University, and even UC Berkeley.

    Today, we continue to uphold a challenging and rigorous academic environment and expect all our students to do well in all their classes. Our dedicated teachers offer regular tutoring after school, and personally monitor each students' academic progress through our grade-level advisories. We believe in building up our future by building up relationships and encourage community building during our yearly grade-level trips which include visits to various college campuses, opening a window towards a brighter future.

    Feel free to browse our Website and say "hello" to your student's teachers. We want you to feel right at home, and would love to hear your feedback. Please send all your questions and concerns to our webmaster: