Collaborative School Site Council
    March 22, 2023  4:00  pm


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    A School Site Council (SSC) is the representative body tasked with developing, monitoring, and approving the school’s strategic site plan (SPSA) and all related categorical expenditures. The SSC is the key deliberative body for the allocation of Title I funds and other resources to improve academic outcomes for all students and as such should be representative of the school community.



    I.    Call to order  - Attendance link

    II.   Welcome -  

    III. Approval of Minutes from February

    IV. SPSA Program Evaluation

    Root Cause Analysis for: 

    • Title 1 Program

    • Where did we allocate our Title 1 funds?

    • What did we say we would do (Strategies and practices ? By when?
    • Were  we successful? How do we know?

    V. SPSA Input:

    VI. 2022-23 Title 1 and Title 4 Budget Review and Expenditures

    VII Public Input -

    VIII.  Establish Date of Next Meeting and Adjourn - April 19, 2023

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    Great news!  Dewey students can ride AC transit for FREE!  


    The application is available on the Alameda CTC website, under the ‘Students Apply Here’ tab. 


    Reminder: Students do not need to reapply if they have received a pass in previous school years.


    - The online application is available in more than 100 languages!




    Free Bus Pass

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    Jobs for OUSD students

    Student Internship Programs

    Other Opportunities

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  • Dewey Academy Support Services Student Self Referral


    Dewey Academy offers a range of support services for all Dewey Academy students and families. 

    Students if you are in need of housing, food, or just need to speak with someone about events happening in your life, please complete this COST Self Referral Dewey Academy Students


    Your request will be routed to our COST coordinator who will work with you to help you find access to the services that can best assist you. 


    You can also scan the QR code below. 

    Cost QR

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About Dewey

  • Dewey Academy is a caring adult community that encourages the growth and development of students by providing social and individual support. We strive to have all students graduate with a high school diploma and to provide opportunities to obtain college and career readiness skills, vocational training, internships, jobs and social awareness in a collaborative environment.

    Ms. Morrison


    Staci Ross Morrison

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