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    Transitional Students and Families Unit


    The Transitional Students and Families Unit was launched in 2007 in support of families in transition who need particular support. The Transitional Students & Families Unit (TSF) provides supplemental support services to Foster youth, Refugee & Asylee students and their families, and students with uncertain or unstable housing (McKinney Vento/Homeless).


    The Unit’s services include enrollment assistance; school supplies and transportation assistance; parent/guardian workshops; academic counseling; summer programming; referrals to school-based and community-based educational, social, and emotional support services; and support to school site staff. Specific services vary by individual student needs and each program's mandates.



    Contact Information


    For Student Enrollment & Academic Counseling:


    Juan Vaca


    (510) 273-1653







     Foster Youth Program


    The Foster Youth Program seeks to ensure that foster youth in OUSD receive supplemental support such as tutoring, case management, and social emotional learning opportunities. Additionally, the foster youth program seeks to ensure that foster youth in OUSD have access to all rights granted to them under CA law (AB 490), such as:


    School Stability – The right to remain in their original school when they enter foster care or move (if in their best interests);


    Immediate Enrollment – The right to be immediately enrolled in a new school (even without health/education records);


    Partial Credit – The right to receive partial or full credit for work completed at other schools (all students have this right);


    Fairness – The right to not be punished for court-related absences.


    Notice of Foster Youth Rights



    Contact Information


    For Foster Youth Program:


    Jennifer Tam


    (510) 273-1659















     Refugee & Asylee Program


    The Refugee & Asylee Program identifies, supports, and tracks newly-arrived refugee  students, providing crucial services in support of their school integration and academic success. By working together with community partners and other OUSD departments, our program allows for school sites to both refer students and reach out to the program for assistance when needed.


    Specifically, our program offers school enrollment assistance, school orientation, tutoring, family engagement, and targeted educational support for refugee students and families during the summer. Additionally, we provide educational case-management for high-need students, and social emotional learning opportunities for refugee & asylee students, such as our partnerships with Soccer Without Borders and Opera Piccola, a community arts organization.



    Contact Information


    For Refugee & Asylee Program:


    Nathaniel Dunstan


    (510) 273-1661









    McKinney-Vento Program


    The McKinney-Vento Program provides supplemental educational services and social support to youth and families who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence. This means students sharing housing with one or more families due to eviction or economic hardship, living in emergency or transitional shelters, staying in hotels/motels, trailer parks/camp grounds, or somewhere that is not designed for sleeping (i.e. a garage, an attic, a car, a park or an abandoned building).  This can also include unaccompanied youth (students not in the physical custody of a parent or guardian).


    The services provided by our program include enrollment assistance, school supplies, backpacks, advocacy, and assistance with transportation.


    Contact Information


    For McKinney-Vento Program:


    Trish Anderson

    (510) 273-1682