A Message from Chief Jeff Godown



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A Message from Chief Jeff Godown

"The Oakland School Police Department exists to support the educational mission of the District by ensuring the safety and security of the District’s students, staff and property.

The Department will be both responsive in addressing the District’s general & unique policing requirements and responsible in ensuring that its performance at all levels aligns with the highest of professional standards.

We provide a reassuring, visible presence when needed and provide professional, caring guidance and direction to District students and staff on crime and other public safety issues.

We will respond quickly to calls for assistance, reports of crimes and emergencies, and work closely with allied criminal justice and social service agencies to resolve issues that put the District’s educational mission at risk.

We will work diligently to analyze, understand and resolve public safety issues that have a direct bearing on the achievement of the District’s educational mission. We work hard towards promoting the interests of students and staff for an environment in which education can thrive. "


- Chief Jeff Godown