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    The goal of the District Library Services is to provide equity in services across the District: culturally relevant and resource rich school library for every student.  We provide support for Teacher-Librarians, Library staff, Teachers, and Principals.

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    Click on your school library to view the resources available in their online catalogs.  In addition, there are resource links for homework help, student research, and general enrichment.  Use Encyclopedia Britannica, the premier standards based resource, for all of your informational needs and at the reading level you need.   Enjoy the many new ebooks for K-12 we have added this year from Encyclopedia Britannica and Gale, as well as the 9-12 Gale Educational databases. All of these online resources are available to you from school or home twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  (ask your school librarian for the passwords that may be needed). There is a wealth of resources available to you here, whether you are a student, teacher, parent or private citizen.

    As we work to bring back libraries in OUSD and to create equity -



    We love volunteers to support our central and school libraries and professional library staff! Apply to volunteer through the Oakland Educational Fund.



    We love donations!  We currently operate with a budget of 1.7 million dollars for 86 school libraries. We need 11.7 to provide equity and libraries for all. Your monthly, yearly or other donation goes directly to books (we receive 40% off) and resources for our students. It's important that we have flexibility, immediate access, and are empowered to respond to the needs of our students: this fund helps us with that.  Please make your check payable to: Philanthropic Ventures Foundation with “Juvenile Justice Literacy Fund” in the check memo line, and mail it to: Philanthropic Ventures Foundation 1222 Preservation Park Way Oakland, CA 94612-1201. See here for more information - please select the Juvenile Justice Literacy Fund.



    We love specific book drives!  



    Follow the District Library Manager's blog, the Juvenile Justice Literacy Project


    Literacy, Equity & Access for All!