• Garden Education

    Garden Education

    Our Vision Statement


    OUSD Garden Education's goal is to establish and maintain a garden in every school. School gardens provide urban children access to nature and reflect each child's inherent right to the following:


    • Access to healthy, locally-produced food
    • Understanding of food systems and the natural cycle
    • Social, economic and health justice
    • Hands-on alternatives to testing-based instruction
    • Self-reliance and character-building opportunities
    • Connection to local community


    Through school gardens, students become stewards of the environment and gain a stake in the community and the world. This empowers them to discover the connections between personal health, education and opportunity. 
    For the most up-to-date information about OUSD school gardens, policies, resources, and programs, visit The Center Education and Community Programming website.
    For more information, please contact:
    Kat Romo
    School Gardens and Living Schoolyards Program Manager