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Summer School Applications Now Available

Summer school applications are now available for rising 10th-12th graders. Rising 10th-11th graders will be able to attend school at Skyline from June 16 - July 21. Summer school dates for rising 12th graders and seniors eligible for summer graduation are June 29 - July 2, however, their school location is still to be determined. This is an opportunity for students to make-up D's or F's. Subject areas potentially available are:
  • Algebra 1 & 2
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • English 1 - 4
  • Geometry
  • PE
  • Spanish 1 & 2
  • U.S. History
  • World History
Download an application and course listings, or students can access hard copies outside the Counseling Office located in the main office hallway. Applications are due Wednesday, April 12th. Students must turn applications in to the designated location outside of the counseling office. 

Guide for Student Summer School Eligibility

  • Current seniors who are eligible for summer graduation and/or are not more than 20 credits deficient.
  • Current and Rising seniors have priority, then rising 11th graders and finally rising 10th graders if there are places available.
  • Students are not eligible for original credit in summer (please see below for exceptions).
  • Failed AP courses are not eligible to be recovered in summer school. Students can enroll in a regular course to make up credits for the regular course. For example, if a student failed AP English Language Arts in their 11th grade year, the student can enroll in English 3 during the summer to make up their junior year English requirement. A repeat tag will not be applied.
  • Special Day Classes: Special Day Classes are not offered during Academic Recovery/Summer School. Students in SDC classes may not be placed in a regular class to make up a failed SDC class because these are different courses.
  • Student with an Independent Education Plan (IEP), please be mindful about placing students with IEP accommodations in a summer school class because we cannot guarantee that those accommodations will be met. Consult with IEP/SpEd coordinator or the appropriate personnel before applying to summer school.