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Prom Tickets Can be Purchased Unitl May 5

This year's Senior Prom is on Saturday, May 13 from 7:00 - 11:00 PM at Sequoyah Country Club in Oakland. Tickets are currently on sale and will remain on sale until Friday, May 5.

In addition to being able to purchase tickets in the Student Store, Seniors can purchase their Prom tickets online. All you need is your student ID # when purchasing tickets online or your actual student ID when purchasing tickets in the student store. Please see below for attendance requirements and schedule for ticket price increases. 

Requirements for attendance:(the online system will let you know if you don't meet these requirements.)

  • GPA 2.0 or higher
  • Be on track to Graduate (Credits)
  • Meet Professionalism expectations
  • Meet Attendance expectations
  • Only Seniors may purchase tickets but may bring guests that are not seniors.
    • May bring up to two guests.
    • Guests must also meet the requirements above either at Skyline or their own high school or workplace.
    • If a guest is not a Skyline student, Mr. Anderson must receive an event clearance form from the student's school or workplace within 24-hours of the tickets being purchased.
Schedule for Ticket Price Increases (online prices extend through the weekends):
  • March 6 - March 19:  $90
  • March 20 - April 2:  $100 
  • April 3 - April 16:  $110
  • April 17 - April 30:  $120 
  • FINAL WEEK: May 1 - May 5:  $130 - Sales close on FRIDAY 5/5. No weekend sales.


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