• OUSD is a Sanctuary District 



    When we say Every Student Thrives! at OUSD it means we stand behind our students no matter where theySanctuary were born or the barriers they have overcome to be here. We cherish the cultural richness in our district and make no exceptions when it comes to including learners with a wide variety of backgrounds and needs.  

    That is why in the wake of the election, which caused fear in immigrant communities across the country, we stand strong as One Oakland. The City of Oakland has renewed its resolution as a City of Refuge and the OUSD Board of Education also renewed a similar resolution, affirming our commitment to doing everything possible to ensure students and their families are safe at school regardless of immigration status.

    It’s important to know that Oakland is a Sanctuary City and OUSD is a Sanctuary District. We do not ask for sanctuary or require proof of legal immigration status upon enrollment, nor is any such information gathered by a school. Hundreds of undocumented, newcomer and refugee students are thriving in our schools with help of the Office of English Language Learners and Multilingual Achievement (ELLMA) and we want to keep it that way.

    Together, we will continue to exemplify the OUSD Core Values of Students First, Equity, Excellence, Integrity, Cultural Responsiveness and Joy in support of all of our students.




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