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Oakland Unified School District Governing Board
1000 Broadway, Suite 680

OUSD Oakland, CA 94607-4099
Office Main Number: 510.879.8199
Office E-mail:
Office eFax:  510.879.2299
Office eTTY: 510.879.2300

Directors - E-mail
President James Harris - District
Vice President Jody London - District
Aimee Eng - District
Jumoke Hinton Hodge - District 3
Nina Senn - District
Roseann Torres - District
Shanthi Gonzales - District
Student Directors - E-mail

*Board members check e-mail and voice mail daily.

Board of Education Staff - E-mail/Telephone
BOE Staff
(l-r)  Ou Fin Saechao, Linda Floyd, Edgar Rakestraw, Jr.

Antwan Wilson, Superintendent and Secretary -
Edgar Rakestraw, Jr., Executive Assistant - (510) 879-8199x24
Linda Floyd, Administrative Coordinator  - (510) 879-8199x21
OuFin Saecho, Administrative Coordinator - (510) 879-8199x22

Edgar Rakestraw is manager of Legislative Services and Operations.
Linda Floyd is assistant to President Harris, Vice President London, Directors Shanthi Gonzales and Jumoke Hinton Hodge and legislative services and operations liaison to the Career Technical Advisory Committee, the Oakland Athletic League, the Measures A, B, J Independent Citizens School Bond Oversight Committee, the Audit Committee.
OuFin Saecho is assistant to Directors Aimee Eng, Nina Senn, Roseann Torres and legislative services and operations liaison to the the Measure N Commission, the Measure "G" Parcel Tax Independent Citizens Oversight Committee, the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) Parent Advisory Committee and LCAP English Language Learners Subcommittee.