Public Hearings and Notices*

2015-16 School Year
 7:30 P.M. - Achieve Academy - Petition and Proposed Charter - Renewal - Grades TK-5

7:30 P.M. – Material Revision – Charter Schools (As Listed) **

American Indian Public Charter School I,  American Indian Public Charter School II, American Indian Public High School, ARISE High School, Aspire Berkley Maynard, Aspire College Academy, Aspire ERES Academy, Aspire Golden State College Preparatory Academy, Aspire Lionel Wilson College Preparatory Academy, Aspire Monarch Academy, Aspire Triumph Technology Academy, Bay Area Technology School, Castlemont Junior Academy, Castlemont Primary Academy, Civicorps Academy, COVA, COVA High School, East Bay Innovation Academy, East Oakland Leadership Academy, Francophone Charter School of Oakland, KIPP Bridge Charter School, Lighthouse Community Charter High School, Lighthouse Community Charter School, Lodestar, LPS Oakland R&D, North Oakland Community Charter School, Oakland School for the Arts, Oakland Unity High School, Roses In Concrete, Vincent Academy.

 **The purposes of each Material Revision is to align the Measurable Pupil Outcomes in the charters' petition with LCAP metrics and the District’s School Performance Framework. Each charter has signed an affidavit authorizing the revisions and the District is acting on behalf of the Charter.

8:00 P.M. – Charter Renewal
American Indian Public Charter School - Grades 6-8

8:15 P.M. – Charter Renewal
 Vincent Academy - Grades TK-6 
 8:30 P.M. - Charter Renewal
 2/10/2016   7:30 P.M.  - Roses In Concrete Community School - Material Revisions - Grades K-8

*This page is likely to reflect those public hearing notices that the District has published in a newspaper of general circulation, usually The Oakland Tribune, pursuant to law. Not all public hearings held by the District require advance notice in a newspaper of general circulation. Listing of a public hearing that does not require advance notice in a newspaper on an agenda is legally sufficient.*