• Legislative Information Center (LIC)

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    LIC Content
    The Legislative Information Center contains pending and/or recently enacted Legislation, Agenda, Minutes, associated documents, information about members of and other information regarding most but not necessarily all California “Brown Act (Open Meetings Law)” legislative bodies of the District (committees and the Board of Education).

    Upon entering the LIC, of the several navigation tabs listed, click the tab named below to access the specific information stated:

    • Live Meeting Video - Lists pending meeting video link which provides live feed of meetings in progress.
    • Legislation - Lists posted individual legislative matter (file), history, if any, and current status.
    • Calendar - Lists posted Agenda, Minutes, Video, of meetings.

    Document Retrieval / Database Merger (Update)
    On March 2, 2012, we completed the meticulous process of merging three different permanent document retention systems/databases, used over a thirteen year period, into a single .PDF database. The present results is a single .PDF permanent records database with a mixture of both unsigned, signed and/or duplicate documents. We will continue over time to reduce the permanent database to retention of one of a kind and/or of single copy of signed documents only. Meantime, depending on the age of the transaction, your web document retrieval request for an adopted, executed or fully annotated document may give you multiple copies of the same document, unsigned and signed, not or fully annotated in .PDF. You may wish to use only the one of a kind and/or signed, fully annotated copy of the .PDF document.

    Viewing Documents
    Adobe Acrobat Pro DC or Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is recommended for viewing .pdf documents in the LIC. The free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC may be downloaded from Adobe.

    Video is streamed in H264.

    eComments and eSpeaker Card Registration
    Visitors to District’s Agenda pages now have an opportunity to submit an opinion and comments on most upcoming public meeting agenda items to the respective legislative body by clicking the eComments link on the Calendar (Agenda/Minutes) page in the Legislative Information Center. Your eComments, upon clicking of the submission button, become part of the public legislative record.

    You also may sign up "on line" to speak on one or more agenda items at an upcoming legislative meeting, upon "Speaker Card" registration being opened for the particular meeting. If it is your first time signing up "on line" to speak at or to post a comment for a legislative meeting, one time registration by following screen prompts is required. Posting of eComments and "on line" Speaker Card Registration automatically closes 30 minutes prior to the beginning of a legislative meeting. You are urged, but not required, to use "on line" Speaker Card registration. 

    If you change your mind, or for any reason cannot be present at the meeting, you should cancel your request to speak and instead leave a comment online that will be part of the public record. Requests to speak can be cancelled as late as 31 minutes before the meeting starts.

    Need Help?
    Should you need assistance in navigating the tabs within the Center, or otherwise, please feel free to contact any member of the Board's Staff.