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    Board of Education
    Board of Education Directors, Superintendent, and General Counsel
    Standing (l-r): President James Harris, Director Roseann Torres, Director Aimee Eng, Director Jody London, Vice President Nina Senn, Director Shanthi Gonzales, Superintendent Antwan Wilson. Seated (l-r): General Counsel Jacqueline Minor, Director Jumoke Hinton Hodge.
    The OUSD Board of Education is the elected policy-making body of the public education system within the City of Oakland, California. The Board of Education is comprised of seven Directors who have the primary responsibility of ensuring that every student served by the District is well-educated for college, career, and community opportunities upon graduating from an OUSD school.

    The Board seeks to provide the public with information about the public school system goals, objectives, and activities, including its weekly legislative agenda, strategic long-term goals, and other activities affecting education within the City.
Every Student Thrives!  
1000 Broadway, Suite 680
Oakland, CA 94607-4099
Office Number: 510.879.8199
Office eFax:  510.879.2299
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Pres. James Harris - District 7
Jody London - District 1
Aimee Eng - District 2
Jumoke Hinton Hodge - District 3
Vice Pres. Nina Senn - District 4
Roseann Torres - District 5
Shanthi Gonzales - District 6