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Bound For Success!

Bound for Success!


    Posted by Anita Tenley at 3/29/2017

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    Posted by Anita Tenley at 3/24/2017

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  • READ THE TORO TIMES : ISSUE 2 (Mar 10, 2017)

    Posted by Anita Tenley at 3/10/2017

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    Toro Times 2  


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    Posted by Anita Tenley at 2/24/2017

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    TORO TIMES 2.24.17

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  • Read the Toro Times Spring 2014 Edition!

    Posted by Anita Tenley at 4/23/2014
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  • Toros Baseball Team Prepares for Season, Home Opener

    Posted by VP of Communications at 3/26/2014
    Article by Carolina C.
    Baseball season is coming up and it’s the first time the baseball team is hosting a game at Montera since the 1980s. The home opener is on April 4th vs. Head Royce. Renovations were made to the Montera field to make it usable for games. The team’s first game is on Wednesday, March 26th at MLK Middle School in Berkeley.
    The players are excited to play at home. Eighth grader Frankie H. said, “It feels great to play where you are comfortable.”
    The head coach is Steve Miller and the assistant coaches are Mr. Holmes and Mr. Quintella. Coach Miller started up the team in 2011 when his older son was in the 8th grade.
    The baseball team has 6th, 7th and 8th graders on both the team and practice squad and everyone is part of the Montera baseball program. The Toros baseball team has a total of 15 players this year, with another 13-14 players on the practice squad, who put on the uniform and play on the team when more players are needed.
    The Montera baseball team has won most of their games in the past three years. The first two years, in 2011 and 2012, the team lost in the league championship game. Last year, the team made the playoffs but lost the first game.
    Coach Miller tries to make the team feel like a family.
    “I tell the players that they are all Toros and encourage each player to get to know their teammates better each week”, Coach Miller said.
     Montera Baseball
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  • Challenge Day Aims to Build Community, Improve School Culture

    Posted by VP of Communications at 3/4/2014

    Article by Carolina, Keiana B.

    Challenge Day is a program that helps students have positive thoughts, anti-bullying, and build empathy. It also helps build trust with your family and friends. The person who brought this program to Montera is Ms.Yari, the restorative justice coordinator.  

    “My goal is for all the participants to open to considering the message of Challenge Day: to be the challenge we need for our community--and our world--to be a better place,” Mr. Yari told the Toro Times.  “At Montera my role is to support community building and bring people together to peacefully address conflicts and restore relationships. I learned about what causes pain even when we don’t--or won’t--say we are hurting.”

    Ms. Yari also knows how deeply our community cares about each other when they have the opportunity to open up in a safe and honest space. “Because there is pain and hurt in our community and also love and care, I seek opportunities for our school to strengthen relationships whenever we can so that our whole school can become a safe and honest space where we can all be real with each other and truly show how much we care.”

    Ms. Yari found out about this activity last year through her peers. This year, she learned that the school district had a special opportunity to bring Challenge Day to several middle schools, and Montera was selected as one of those schools.

    Challenge Day takes the whole day. One hundred students participate per day in various activities with 25 adults helping out. It will take three full Challenge Days for every 7th grade student to have the opportunity to participate because we have a very large school community!

    Ms. Yari is not working alone on this activity. The PE department is helping by generously sharing the gym, cafeteria members are making bagged lunches, and the PTO is helping recruit family and community volunteers to join the janitors in taking special efforts to set up and clean up.

    Two of the Challenge Days have already occurred on February 18 and 20, and two more are coming up on March 4 and 6. March 6 will be the only Challenge Day for 8th graders.



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  • Montera Holds Annual Spelling Bee

    Posted by VP of Communications at 2/12/2014
    Article by Sabine S., Macarena V., and Isabel A.
    On Tuesday, February 4, Montera held its traditional spelling bee. Sixteen sixth and seventh 
    graders competed to go on to the OUSD spelling bee, which will be held on February 13. Ms. 
    Sudduth, a Montera English teacher and coordinator of the Montera Spelling Bee, stated that she 
    hoped that “most of the students get a sense of pride, of accomplishment, trying something and 
    being successful at it.”
    After seven rounds of spelling, seventh grader Duncan S. and sixth grader Julia S. 
    were left standing. Julia and Duncan each spelled nine more words correctly before the word 
    “arraignment” was misspelled. Julia S. won the Montera spelling bee with the word 
    “perceived”. Both Julia and Duncan will move on to the district finals. 
    Julia S., the first place winner from Montera, also won her school’s spelling bee last year 
    and went on to the district finals to tie for first place in her age group. She hopes to do the same 
    this year and is excited for the district competition.
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