Montera Middle School

Bound For Success!

Bound for Success!


Name Position Location Contact Info
Avent, Darren Principal Main Office
Rasheed, Anisa  Assistant Principal (8th Grade) Main Office 
Williams, Latoya               Assistant Principal (7th Grade)   
Snow, Connor Assistant Principal (6th Grade) Main Office
Nazapas, Damaliah Administrative Assistant Main Office
Gutierrez, Fabiola      
Parent Liaison
Main Office
Harambe, Tina BathshebaRestorative Justice CoordinatorRoom
Hurt, Elizabeth
Main Office
Isibor, Mike
Attendance Clerk Main Office

Saephan, Erica
Main Office
Tenley, Anita Receptionist Main Office
Laursen, Karin School Psychologist Room 24
Lindsay, Stacey School Psychologist Room 24
Saffold, Lindsey Speech Therapist Room 24
Gray, Heidi Mental Health Therapist -Fred Finch Library Office 510-504-8733
Rogers, Margaret Library Clerk Library
Lopez, Karla School Security Officer

Smith, Daral         

School Security Officer  
Charles, Michael Cafeteria Manager Cafeteria
Phillips, Sherman Head Custodian  
Chao, Wan F. Custodian
Lowe, Tanisha Custodian
Bragg, James Intervention Specialist   Portable 12  
Brown, Norman Intervention Specialist  Room 212
Cleveland, Lavon Aide to the Handicapped  Portable 11
Dominguez, Stacey Aide to the Handicapped  Portable 11  
Gulino, John Instructional Assistant    
Hunt, Teresa Intervention Specialist Room 210 
Long, Lani Intervention Specialist    
Murray, Nekeya    Intervention Specialist     
Nelson, Patrick Portable 10 
Peters, Karen Intervention Specialist Portable 12
Roti, Linda Intervention Specialist  
Shaw McCormick, Shandle Intervention Specialist  Portable 11  
Taylor, Valerie Intervention Specialist  
Williams, TeresaIntervention Specialist  

Kenya Latimore
Eagle Village After School Program Room 400
Lottie Lynch
Toro City After School Program Room 102 510-599-4803