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Cyber Safety & Cyber Citizenship

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Steps to complete Cyber Safety requirements for all site based certificated employees

  1. Read What is Bullying? 
  2. Read Why do we need to teach CyberSafety?
  3. Read Common Sense Media Toolkit for Teachers and Site Administrators K-12  
  4. Click here for the Principal Affidavits and follow directions on the form.

Why do we need to teach CyberSafety?  Our children live in a digital world. They communicate, create and collaborate through technology and they have instant access to a wealth of information and multimedia. They are digital natives; never knowing a time without cell phones, DVDs, Facebook and Google. But growing up with these devices and resources does not mean they automatically have the knowledge and skills to carefully evaluate information and make responsible, respectful and safe choices about how they access and use these digital tools. We must guide our students to become cyber-savvy, responsible digital citizens with the 21 Century skills to thrive in our local and global economy.

For answers to questions about these resources or about implementing Cyber Safety curriculum, please contact:

Leah Jensen
For any Anti-Bullying related concerns/questions, please contact  
Last Modified on July 22, 2015