• Welcome!

    Supt. Wilson joins Madison Park students for a picture in the library.

    It is with great pride and optimism that I serve the students, families and employees of Oakland Unified School District.


    I began my third year with OUSD in 2016-17 and have led the first two years of implementing the Pathway to Excellence Strategic Plan.


    OUSD has celebrated many recent accomplishments, which are a direct result of the hard work by our talented, dedicated employees whom I am fortunate to lead. These achievements demonstrate our commitment to providing every Oakland student a high-quality education and helping them grow to be successful, responsible and productive citizens of our community.


    Here’s my message to students, to their families and caregivers and to the thousands of educators who serve them: OUSD students are now better positioned to succeed than any other year in Oakland’s history.


    Those aren’t just words. That’s a fact that should bring pride to everyone in our schools when we think about accomplishment such as:

    ● Graduating more students and preparing them to enter four-year universities.
    ● Solidifying our commitment to all students.
    ● Increasing investments in our schools and employees.


    Keep in mind the powerful fact that today our students start school better positioned to succeed than ever before.



    Antwan Wilson Signature