Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support (PBIS)


Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support (PBIS) is a nationally recognized framework for shifting school culture from punitive to culturally responsive and positively reinforcing. Students and staff work to collaborate in targeted school-wide positive behavioral expectations which are culturally informed and positively reinforced throughout the school day. Minor and major disciplinary infractions are clearly specified as well as associated interventions designed to teach, re-teach, and reinforce the skills needed to meet positive expectations. Nationwide data on schools implementing PBIS indicate an average of 50% reduction in disciplinary events. PBIS was selected for Oakland to address the disproportionate referral of African American students for Special Education and for suspension.
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Which schools are implementing PBIS?

PBIS Cohort schools
are reflective of school sites that focus on decreasing the disproportionate referral of African American students for Special Education and for suspension. If you represent a school site and are interested in PBIS for the upcoming school year, please contact Barbara McClung our Director of Behavioral Health, or your Regional Mental Health Program Manager.

PBIS Cohort A Sites (2013-2016)
PBIS Cohort B Sites (2014-2017)
PBIS Cohort C Sites (2015-2018)
Allendale Elementary
Alliance Academy 
Bret Harte Middle School
Claremont Middle School 
Coliseum College Prep Academy
Fremont High School
Frick Middle School
Futures Elementary
Garfield Elementary
Glenview Elementary
Hoover Elementary
Lafayette Elementary
Laurel Elementary
Melrose Leadership Academy
Montera Middle School
Oakland High School
Oakland Technical High School
Roosevelt Middle School
Roots International Academy
Sankofa Academy
United for Success Academy
Westlake Middle School
Bella Vista Elementary
Emerson Elementary
Fruitvale Elementary
Global Family School
Horace Mann Elementary
Life Academy – Middle
Manzanita Community School
McClymonds High School 
New Highland Academy
Skyline High School 
Carl B. Munck Elementary 
Cleveland Elementary
Community United Elementary School 
East Oakland PRIDE Elementary 
Esperanza Elementary
Grass Valley Elementary
Howard Elementary
International Community School
Fred T. Korematsu Discovery Academy
Manzanita SEED Elementary
PLACE @ Prescott
REACH Academy 
Redwood Heights Elementary
RISE Community School

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