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    The SRA analyzes the data of five regions in Oakland: Central, East, Northeast, Northwest and West. In determining the boundaries, we looked at whether there were shared factors for students and families living in different parts of Oakland with respect to income/poverty, language, race/ethnicity, and culture. Five regions emerged. The regions allow for the particular assets and needs of different communities to be visible and not "watered down" within the larger citywide discussion about quality public school programs and facilities.

    There are many diverse communities in Oakland and we understand a student may attend school outside of the region where their family lives. Below you can identify the region where you live as well as the region where your child attends school.
    Your Region
    Please click the map to find which region you currently live. Note, the map is a large file and can take a couple minutes to download.

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    The Region of Your Child’s School

    Please find your school in the listing below to locate its corresponding region.

    EAST     Achieve Academy
    EAST     ACORN Woodland
    EAST     Allendale
    EAST     Alliance Academy
    NORTHEAST     American Indian Public Charter School
    CENTRAL     American Indian Public Charter School II K-5
    NORTHEAST     American Indian Public High School (AIPHS)
    EAST     ARISE High School
    EAST     ASCEND K-5
    EAST     Aspire College Academy
    EAST     Aspire Golden State Grades 6-8
    EAST     Aspire Technology Academy
    NORTHEAST     Bay Area Technology School Grades 6-8
    CENTRAL     Bella Vista
    WEST     Berkley Maynard Academy K-5
    NORTHEAST     Bret Harte
    EAST     Bridges Academy
    EAST     Brookfield
    NORTHEAST     Burckhalter
    NORTHEAST     Carl Munck
    EAST     Castlemont High
    NORTHWEST     Chabot
    WEST     Civicorps Corpsmember Academy (9-12/Adults)
    NORTHWEST     Claremont
    CENTRAL     Cleveland
    EAST     Coliseum College Prep Academy Grades 6-8
    NORTHEAST     Community Day HS
    NORTHEAST     Community Day MS
    CENTRAL     Community School for Creative Education
    EAST     Community United
    NORTHEAST     Conservatory of Instrumental/ Vocal Arts (COVA) K-5
    EAST     Cox Academy
    NORTHWEST     Crocker Highlands
    CENTRAL     Dewey Academy
    NORTHEAST     East Bay Innovation Academy
    EAST     East Oakland Leadership Academy (EOLA) K-5
    EAST     East Oakland Pride Elementary
    NORTHWEST     Edna Brewer
    EAST     Elmhurst Community Prep
    NORTHWEST     Emerson
    EAST     EnCompass Academy
    CENTRAL     Envision Academy
    EAST     Epic Charter School (Ed for Change)
    EAST     ERES Academy K-5
    EAST     Esperanza
    CENTRAL     Franklin
    EAST     Fred T. Korematsu
    EAST     Fremont High
    EAST     Frick
    EAST     Fruitvale
    EAST     Futures Academy
    CENTRAL     Garfield
    CENTRAL     Gateway To College at Laney College
    NORTHWEST     Glenview
    EAST     Global Family School
    NORTHEAST     Grass Valley
    EAST     Greenleaf Elementary K-5
    NORTHWEST     Henry J. Kaiser
    NORTHWEST     Hillcrest Elementary K-5
    WEST     Hoover
    EAST     Horace Mann
    NORTHEAST     Howard
    EAST     International Community School
    NORTHWEST     Joaquin Miller
    WEST     KIPP Bridge Charter Academy Grade 5
    CENTRAL     La Escuelita
    WEST     Lafayette
    NORTHEAST     Laurel
    EAST     Lazear Charter Academy
    EAST     Learning Without Limits
    EAST     Life Academy Grades 6-8
    EAST     Lighthouse Community Charter High School
    EAST     Lighthouse Community Charter School K-5
    CENTRAL     Lincoln
    EAST     LPS Oakland - R&D
    EAST     Madison Park Lower Campus K-5
    EAST     Madison Park Upper Campus Grades 6-8
    CENTRAL     Manzanita Community
    CENTRAL     Manzanita SEED
    EAST     Markham
    WEST     Martin Luther King Jr
    WEST     MCClymonds High
    NORTHEAST     Melrose Leadership Academy K-5
    CENTRAL     MetWest
    EAST     Monarch Academy
    NORTHWEST     Montclair
    NORTHWEST     Montera
    CENTRAL     New Downtown Charter Academy
    EAST     New Highland Academy
    WEST     North Oakland Community Charter School K-5
    EAST     Oakland Charter Academy
    CENTRAL     Oakland Charter High School
    CENTRAL     Oakland High
    WEST     Oakland International High School
    WEST     Oakland Military Institute, College Prep. Acad. (OMI) Grades 6-8
    WEST     Oakland School for the Arts (OSA) Grades 6-8
    NORTHWEST     Oakland Technical High
    EAST     Oakland Unity High School
    NORTHEAST     Parker K-5
    NORTHWEST     Peralta
    NORTHWEST     Piedmont Avenue
    WEST     PLACE at Prescott
    WEST     Ralph J. Bunche High
    EAST     REACH Academy
    NORTHEAST     Redwood Heights
    EAST     RISE
    CENTRAL     Roosevelt
    EAST     Roots International Academy
    NORTHEAST     Rudsdale Continuation
    WEST     Sankofa Academy K-5
    NORTHEAST     Sequoia
    NORTHEAST     Skyline High
    NORTHEAST     Sojourner Truth Independent Study
    WEST     Street Academy
    EAST     Think College Now
    NORTHWEST     Thornhill
    EAST     United For Success
    NORTHEAST     Urban Montessori
    EAST     Urban Promise Academy
    WEST     Vincent Academy
    WEST     West Oakland
    WEST     Westlake
    EAST     Wilson (Lionel) College Preparatory Academy Grades 6-8
    WEST     Yu-Ming Charter
    NOTE: This list includes all District-run and Charter-run schools in OUSD