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Oakland Community Schools
Where all students graduate college, career, and community ready.
By building a thriving school culture and an engaging academic experience, Oakland Community Schools fully and equitably support all students and their families: academically, physically, socially, and emotionally.
The Treetop
Our Vision, Our Mission.
It is our mission to develop a quality Community School District for all students: to build thriving school cultures and to increase academic engagement across every OUSD school site. This is our path toward a lifetime of resiliency for all students; our vision for all students to graduate college, career, and community ready.
College and Career ReadyAll students will feel support, joy, and hope at school, driven by a sense of purpose that holds college and career readiness as centrally important.
Successful in School and LifeAll students will be engaged in developing the tools they need to be fully-informed critical thinkers socially, emotionally, and intellectually, both in school and the rest of their lives.
Part of a Thriving, Healthy, Safe CommunityAll students will be caring, competent members of the community who are healthy and safe, physically, socially, and emotionally.
Civically EngagedAll students will be proud leaders who advocate for their own social, emotional, intellectual, and physical well-being, as well as the well-being of their peers.
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The Roots
Our Strategy, Our People.
The Roots  
At its heart, Oakland Community Schools is a collective of people working to create engaging academics and to build thriving school culture and climate. To get us there, we have many people working on many programs across all OUSD school sites. These program elements are described below.
Our Elements
Social & Emotional Learning – Our schools emphasize developing fundamental skills for life effectiveness. All members of the OUSD community strive to bolster academic learning with SEL skills and competencies: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making. Through these skills, we ensure all students are able to connect ethically and effectively.
Health & Wellness – Our schools develop the social, emotional, and physical health of all students. We work to ensure that schools are healthy environments for all, including OUSD families and staff. Our aim is for all students to be in school and ready to learn, and for the entire community to be engaged in improving individual and community health.
Expanded Learning – We offer students and families learning opportunities after school and during summer. Our students have additional opportunities to practice the skills they are learning in the classroom and to cultivate the study habits and mindset needed to succeed in school, and our partners collaborate with teachers to align program activities with school curriculum.
School Readiness & Transitions – We provide students additional support during uncertain periods in their lives. We provide support for foster youth, refugee & asylee students, unaccompanied minors, students with unstable housing, and students transitioning from one program to another. This support includes enrollment assistance, school supplies and transportation assistance, workshops, counseling, referrals to community partners, and more. 
Family Engagement – We support families in becoming authentic co-owners of our schools. Our goal is to create school communities where all stakeholders share in the decision-making and responsibility for all students. We value the experiences of all families, their self-determination, and we work to bridge OUSD staff with the communities they serve, engaging in a healthy struggle for positive change.
Youth Leadership – We provide youth opportunities to be decision-makers and drivers of change. We aim to cultivate civically engaged communities in which students have power to inform, influence, and shape policy that reflects their perspective. Our schools ensure students have leadership roles and opportunities to partner with adults to create a safe, healthy, supportive school culture.
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Our Programs Create Engaging Academics.
Our strategy is to make student learning engaging and meaningful. We support school communities as they integrate social & emotional learning, health education, and meaningful student engagement into their curriculum. We work to ensure all students have access to quality expanded learning programming, and work with school staff so that all school sites are ready to engage with families and assist students in transition.
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Our Programs Build Thriving School Culture and Climate.
Our strategy is to build a positive, structured, and inclusive school culture. We implement restorative practices and work to create caring school communities that are healthy environments for all. We ensure community-based organizations, such as our expanded learning partners, are integrated and essential to their school sites, and strive to engage families through school site governance, volunteering, and parent-teacher teams. In addition, we create youth leadership opportunities to ensure student voices are heard.
We provide services for students and families that remove barriers to student achievement. This includes health and wellness services, such as behavioral and mental health, school nurses, and other programs; as well as assistance to students and families in transition, and educational opportunities for families in support of their child’s learning.
The Soil
Our Guiding Principles.
  The Soil  
Oakland Community Schools work to ensure all OUSD staff and OUSD partners hold themselves accountable for engaging students and building a thriving culture. Additionally, we work to ensure all stakeholders feel supported, united, and in control. These are our guiding principles.
 ALL Students
ALL STUDENTS deserve to attend a quality Community School.
Equity and Diversity
Our mission is to build a Full Service Community District focused on high academic achievement while serving the whole child, eliminating inequity, and providing each child with excellent teachers, every day. In doing so, we remain mindful of the diverse experiences of all students and families, and actively work to create quality Community Schools where all students graduate college, career, and community ready. 
A quality Community School is:
SUPPORTED by Community Schools & Student Services and the Entire Community.
Partnerships and Coordination 
The Community Schools & Student Services Department acts as a bridge between central office and school communities, building communication, coordination, assessment, and development capacity for community-based organizations, district-based programs, school staff and students & families; the entire school community comes together to support one another around the school and beyond.
LOCALLY IMPLEMENTED by School Site Leadership and the Entire Community.
Leadership and Evaluation & Learning
All school communities (teachers, principals, school staff, families, student leaders, community partners) maintain strong leadership at their school sites, implementing their own vision of a full service community school according to their assets and needs; the entire school community holds itself accountable for continuous improvement of student achievement through evaluation and learning.
UNITED under Oakland Unified School District.
Collaboration and Relationships
All of OUSD champions school sites’ full service community school implementation; central office and school sites form mutually beneficial relationships and collaborate to hold each other accountable for student learning. All OUSD staff work together in creating a united culture: acting with integrity, fighting for equity, and putting students first.
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