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Community Schools & Student Services (CSSS)
The Community School & Student Service Department was created in 2011 as a merger of two previously existing departments: Family Community Office and Office of Complementary Learning. This merger created the conditions to support schools to become Full Service Community Schools. In this model, schools will act as resource and service hubs, connecting with local partners to help build healthy and vibrant schools and communities.

The Family, School, and Community Partnerships department aims to promote the academic success, health, and social-emotional development of every student through a comprehensive array of support services. We collaborate with families and community partners on our journey to realize the Full Service Community School vision.

Focus Areas
The Family, School, and Community Partnerships department works to promote safe, healthy, and supportive schools. For this current school year, we are developing initiatives in these four key areas:
  • Full Service Community Schools
  • Attendance
  • Positive School Climate
  • Family Engagement
For More Information
For more information about the work of the many units within the Family, School, and Community Partnerships department, please refer to the program pages on the side menu.


Program Manager

Associate Superintendent of Family, Schools and Community Partnerships

Curtiss Sarikey

Afterschool Programs

Julia Ma

(510) 273-1541

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Prevention and Intervention

Robert Dousa

Attendance and Discipline Support Services

Student Attendance Review Team, Student Attendance Review Board, Pupil Disciplinary Hearing Panel

Theresa Clincy

(510) 273-1677

Behavioral Health

Restorative Justice, Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

Barbara McClung

(510) 273-1533

Full Service Community Schools 

Andrea Bustamante

(510) 273-1569

Health and Wellness

School Based Health Centers, Nutrition

Joanna Locke

(510) 273-1578


Barbara Parker

(510) 273-1568

Juvenile Justice Center/Transition Center

Hattie Tate

Social Emotional Learning

Kristina Tank-Crestetto

(510) 273-1526

Student Assignment and Bilingual Testing Office

Sue Woehrle

Student and Family Engagement

Raquel Jimenez

(510) 273-1563

Summer Programs

Julie McCalmont

(510) 273-1576

Transitional Students and Families

Migrant Education, Homeless, Refugee/Immigrant, Foster Youth

McKinney Vento Program for Students with Uncertain or Unstable Housing (Homeless)

Jennifer Tam

(510) 273-1662

Refugee & Asylee Student Program

Nate Dunstan 


(510) 273-1661

Foster Youth Program

Lydell Willis

(510) 273-1659

Translation Services

Angel Ho

(510) 273-1665