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Be Responsible, be Respectful, be Your Best, be Safe, and be Kind.
Word of the Week: Persistent
Another lovely Franklin Garden Day!
Thanks to the staff, families and students who "dug in" to keep our garden thriving!
Saturday, February 25,2017
Franlin Garden Feb 01
 Franlin Garden Feb 02  Franlin Garden Feb 03
 Franlin Garden Feb 04
 Franlin Garden Feb 05
 BOE Engagement Flyer 022717b
 Click here for the flyer in English, Chinese, or Spanish
 Mayor Libby Schaaf enjoys some fresh produce
at the Franklin Market!
February 21, 2017 
Mayor Libby Schaaf at Franklin Market.  
Congratulations to all our WeCode students! 
Thanks to Mayor Schaaf for joining us! 
February 21, 2017
 Mayor Libby Schaaf visits WeCode students. 01
 Mayor Libby Schaaf visits WeCode students. 02 Mayor Libby Schaaf visits WeCode students. 03  
When we share and cooperate!
Working Together!
Franklin 2017 Lunar New Year Assemblies
February 15 and 16, 2017
9:00 a.m. in the Franklin Cafeteria
Dragon Dance
Congratulations to LA's newest and soon to be best firefighter. 
Franklin will miss you, Mr. Richard!
Good luck and never forget your Franklin family.
February 10, 2017
Mr. Richard teaching.  
Ms. Douglas' students refine their painting techniques
at the Junior Center Of Art & Science at Lake Merritt! 
Tuesday, February 7, 2017 
 Students on an art field trip01 Students on an art field trip02  
  Students on an art field trip03  Students on an art field trip04
 Quick Nature Center Visit!  The beautiful stroll back to school...
 African American Read Aloud Week
at Franklin School
February 6, 2017
Council Member Guillen Reads to Our Students!
 Council Member Guillen Reads
 Council Member Guillen Reads 02  Council Member Guillen Reads 03
Council Member Guillen Reads 03  
All Students and Families
at Franklin and in OUSD. 

     When we say Every Student Thrives! at OUSD it means we stand behind our students no matter where they were born or the barriers they have overcome to be here. We cherish the cultural richness in our district and make no exceptions when it comes to including learners with a wide variety of backgrounds and needs.  

     That is why in the wake of the election, which caused fear in immigrant communities across the country, we stand strong as One Oakland. The City of Oakland has renewed its resolution as a City of Refuge and the OUSD Board of Education also renewed a similar resolution, affirming our commitment to doing everything possible to ensure students and their families are safe at school regardless of immigration status.

     It’s important to know that Oakland is a Sanctuary City and OUSD is a Sanctuary District. We do not ask for or require proof of legal immigration status upon enrollment, nor is any such information gathered by a school. Hundreds of undocumented, newcomer and refugee students are thriving in in our schools with help of the Office of English Language Learners and Multilingual Achievement (ELLMA) and we want to keep it that way.

     Together, we will continue to exemplify the OUSD Core Values of Students First, Equity, Excellence, Integrity, Cultural Responsiveness and Joy in support of all of our students. 
Sanctuary District Resources:
So proud of all our Franklin MLK Oratorical entrants!
January 31, 2017
 Franklin MLK Oratorical Entrants
Layla Berumen, our first place oratorical winner! 
MLK Oratorical 1st Place  
 Grades 2-5: SRI 2:Jan 3-31, 2017
Grade 1: 190-419
Grade 2: 420-519
Grade 3: 520-739 
Grade 4: 740-829 
Grade 5: 830-924
Grade 6: 925-969
Grade 7: 970-1009
Grade 8: 1010-1049
Grade 9: 1050-1079
Grade 10: 1080-1184 
Grade 11: 1185-1386
Grade 12: 1185-1386
Franklin Fitness Indoor Stations
January 26, 2017
     During rainy days at Franklin Elementary, our wonderful students do not stop exercising--they work even harder. In Coach Max's physical education class students do "Franklin Fitness Indoor Stations." They receive 5-10 minutes at each station to improve their fitness, motor skills, muscle strength, communication skills and have fun!

Stations include:
--Sit ups
--Hot lava hop scotch  (like jumping jacks but better)
--Yarn ball toss
--Bean bag toss
--Jump rope
--Franklin fitness PE art
--Fitness bowling

Students love the stations and are getting in great shape during the rainy season.
Coach Max
Franklin Fitness 02  
Franklin Fitness 01
Super Hero Day at Franklin!
January 26, 2017
Franklin's student council designated this day as Super Hero Day so staff and students wore their favorite super hero costumes to school.
Super Hero Day 01
Super Hero Day 02
Super Hero Day 03  
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It's.....
 Superman A Superman b  
Have you seen these Franklin Expectation Posters at school!
What do they mean?
Share your thoughts with your classmates, family, and teachers.
January 24, 2017
Franklin Expectation Posters 01
Franklin Expectation Posters 02
Franklin Expectation Posters 03  
Bring the Internet home for just $9.95 a month
If your child receives free or reduced price school lunches,
you may qualify for Internet Essentials from Comcast.
Click link for more details: English, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese.
Comcast Internet Essentials

What is the School Performance Framework?

The School Performance Framework (SPF) is like a report card for your school. It is a comprehensive system to help schools focus on strengths and areas for targeted improvement. 

The SPF guides schools and the community in setting priorities for improvement with specific groups of students. The report uses color-coded tiers based on the school’s levels of performance in the categories. The SPF guides schools and the community with improvement—aligned to the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP). The SPF is used by the district to determine specific interventions and support and define the amount of autonomy school receive to make decisions.

​Reports will be released annually for each OUSD school in the fall beginning in 2016. Oakland charter schools will receive their own SPF ratings in future releases.
Click here to directly reach Franklin's Summary School Performance Framework (SPF).
 Oakland Technology Exchange (OTX) West offers:
 Comcast  ATT
Franklin School Photo Albums!
1989-90 (Missing Vol 2)
Check back for more photo albums!!


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