• Fremont High School - New Construction

    Aerial View of Fremont High School

    The goal of the new construction at Fremont is to improve the overall academic and student life experience on campus. The overall plan is for the campus to accommodate 1,200 students.

    Planning for the design of the new construction at Fremont High School is a collaborative process involving school administration, staff, parents, students, community stakeholders, OUSD Facilities staff and the design team. Through public community meetings and site walks, school stakeholders are provided information on the project and have opportunities to provide input. Although details of the design are still being discussed during these community meetings, key components of the project have been established.

    Key components include, but are not limited to:

    • New academic building
    • Renovation of existing academic buildings
    • Full service wellness center expanded to become a resource for the larger community
    • A new field for sports and physical education classes

    PG&E provided technical assistance to OUSD Sustainable Campus Master Plan for Fremont High School. The PG&E Zero Net Energy (ZNE) team conducted in depth energy studies on campus, outlined energy issues and identified potential opportunities to reduce energy through ZNE strategies. This information was provided to the architectural design team.

Upcoming Meetings

  • Project Address
    4610 Foothill Blvd.

    Oakland, CA 94601

    LCA Architects / 

    Quattrochi Kwok Architects (QKA)

    Project Manager
    Kenya Chatman


    OUSD Contact
    Chanee Hawkins Ash

    Specialist, Community Engagement

Quick Facts

  • $82 M Project Budget, funded by Measure J Bond

    Zero Net Energy (ZNE) strategies will be used in the design of new construction and modernization at Fremont to balance energy generation and use on campus. The ZNE design strategies will be incorporated to create healthy learning environments featuring thermal comfort, good lighting and clean air, while reducing energy use.

    Priorities of the Fremont community are being gathered through ongoing community engagement meetings. Community engagement will continue throughout the design and construction process to create opportunities for public input and to keep school stakeholders informed.

Project Timeline

  • Public Meetings and Design



    2018 - 2020