Academic excellence is our goal. Community is our foundation. Together, we work and live by the Greenleaf Principles of Learning: Integrity, Determination, Pride and Inquiry.
Through integrated thematic instruction and an emphasis on critical inquiry skills, we are a community of learners that holds all students, teachers, and families to high academic expectations.
Greenleaf is hiring! 

The Greenleaf community is excited to start hiring for the 2016-2017 school year.  We have opportunities available in elementary and middle school.

At Greenleaf, we work with our students and parents to build an environment that focuses on academic excellence.  We are a community-based school committed to continuous improvement through collaboration and data-based instruction.

We were selected to expand to a K-8 to build upon our success as a K-5.  We're in an exciting transition where we continue to build our identity as a K-8 and strategically vertically align throughout the grade levels.  We also have a bilingual program in grades K-2nd that focuses on accelerated English and Spanish reading goals so that students learn to read in both languages.  We are exploring the opportunity to develop and design a Dual Immersion program.

Below is more information about our school.  Please forward this information to anyone who you think would be a great fit for our school community or if you would like to talk more about opportunities please email our principal, your resume.

Our Students

  • 83% Latino, 12% African-American

  • More than 90% of students are eligible for free or reduced-priced lunch.

We have a focus on academic goals for students, we are data driven, so we have:

- Weekly COIs (Cycles Of Inquiry), where grades level analyze data and reflect on their instruction

- Academic Conferences after each assessment cycle, where teachers meet with the Administration and Instructional Facilitators to analyze data and find resources to meet our students needs.


We build on a teacher and staff collaboration, so we have:

- PLCs (Professional Learning Communities), where teacher from the same grade level meet 3 times a week to plan and refine their curriculum.


We want to generate Professional Development opportunities, so we have:

- ALPs (Action Learning Plans), where teachers have the opportunity to make vertical groups (from different grade levels), and study a specific area that they want to accomplish

- PDs (Professional Development meetings) all year long, trying to differentiate according to teacher needs  

- Grade Level PDs, where Administration and Instructional Facilitators observe, meet, and collaborate with a specific grade level to refine one part of their instruction, including peer observations, lesson study sessions, debriefing sessions


We believe in Teacher leadership, so we create different opportunities for our teachers:

- Grade level teacher leaders

- Content teacher leaders (LA, Math, Science, Technology)

- Work groups

- Teachers Present PDs