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Our Co-Principals Carin Geathers and Clara Roberts are spearheading a new school initiative and have lead the Burckhalter students and staff to a new plateau -- winning awards for increasing test scores; meeting and raising academic expectations; enhancing positive school climate. Our goal is to implement programs that are standards based and instill a sense of responsibility, confidence, and positive attitude. We offer weekly school library visits, computer lab, science lab, physical education and a new academic and enrichment after-school program.
Our school is an integral part of the East Oakland community where it is based. This allows for a close-knit, small family feeling which enables us to build the confidence and self-esteem of all of our students from every walk of life.  Through this positive school climate, children know they are in a safe place and therefore, are free to question, learn and grow. 
Parents are free to get involved with different projects and we have volunteers who help with academic intervention -- some are new friends, others have been working with our students for many years. 
Our school mascot, the Bobcat, symbolizes our strong pride in our school and our fierce drive to show others the good that can come out of not only Burckhalter, but out of East Oakland, out of Oakland Unified School District.  Go BOBCATS! is more than just a chant, its how we survive and thrive.