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  • School Starts August 24th!

    The first day of Fall semester classes for Oakland High School students is Monday, August 24, 2015.  First period begins at 8:15am (so we recommend arriving no later than 8:05) and 6th period concludes the day at 3:15pm.  All students interested in the school's FREE Breakfast should arrive between 7:40 and 8:00am.
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    Both new and returning students should bring a parent and report as follows:
    12th Graders:  Monday 8/17   9-11:30am
    11th Graders:  Tuesday 8/18   9-11:30am
    10th Graders:  Wednesday 8/19   9-11:30am
    9th Graders:  Registration & Orientation
    Friday 8/20  9:00am  
    Please note: Student IDs must be taken at Registration, so plan accordingly! 
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  •   Red Cross logo    May Blood Drive
    On Tuesday, May 26th, Oakland High will be sponsoring its 2nd Blood Drive of the year.
    For more than a dozen years, OHS has worked with the American Red Cross to line up student donors. Students aren't the only ones donating blood but teachers do, too. To donate blood you must be: 16+ years old,  meet the height and weight requirement and having a parent consent (under 18). If you are interested, you can get more information from MsD in Room 239.
    In January, O-High held its first Blood Drive Blood Drive of the school year and collected 34 usable units. This spring, our goal is to collect at least forty.

    What exactly is a blood drive? It is an opportunity for the American Red Cross to collect and store blood for later use in blood transfusions. Hospitals need blood on-hand to use for surgeries and emergencies like accidents and shootings.  

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  • Nordstrom Scholarship Winner!
    Sherry NOrdstrom winner  
    On Thursday, September 25th, two representatives from Nordstrom's "prize patrol" made a visit to Ms. Dellefield's 1st period Psychology class to "talk about the Nordstrom Scholarship".  Their true purpose quickly became evident: to surprise Oakland High senior Sherry Liang with the presentation of one of its coveted $10,000 scholarships! As they handed over the "giant check", tears of joy filled Sherry's eyes, saying "this will make college possible!"
    Nordstrom presents 80 such scholarships nationwide each year, and base their decision on a student's GPA, community service and demonstrated leadership ability in their community.  Sherry is OUSD's only winner this year.
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Oakland High School is proud to provide an excellent education to all students in a safe environment so that each student has a foundation for not only high academic achievement but for pursuing personal and social growth.  Our goal is that all our students are prepared to  enter the work force fully prepared for life's challenges.  We offer a solid college preparatory program, including more than a dozen Advanced Placement and Honors offerings, and we routinely send graduates to notable public and private universities, including accreditation programs.
Some of our Oakland High students find support through our three specialized schools within our school: the Environmental Sciences Academy, the Visual Arts & Academics Academy and the Public Health Academy.  Other 10th,  11th, and 12th students are participating in our new Engineering Pathway and/or our AVID program, which is designed to give specialized academic support to college-bound students.  We have also developed four structured 9th grade "families" to give all in-coming freshmen the best possible start to their high school careers.
Another strength of our school is the student Leadership program.  A long-standing tradition at Oakland High, the active Delegate Assembly (student government) and Leadership class not only plan student activities, but also contribute to school policy decisions. Wildcats also have the opportunity to express their school spirit by participating in our more than fifty clubs and twenty-three interscholastic sports.